About Me

Okay... so a whole page to tell you all about this crazy girl. Here goes.....

I'm Tara Janelle. I'm 22. I have 1 sister. I have awesome parents. I have a dog. We also have 3 cats. I live in the country. I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Lord, and my King. And I'm His daughter. May He get all the glory for anything I do, because without Him, I am nothing.

So a few snippets into the world of Tara:

•Brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 8" (actually 5' 7 3/4", but I always feel weird adding the 3/4, even though I'd much rather say I'm 5' 7" than 5' 8"), a mixture of Dutch-ness and Chinese-ness.

•My life is a musical. Yes, singing about drying the dishes is a *must* in my life. 

•If I am not sewing something, I can easily get bored and get into mischief.

•Chocolate. 'Nuff said.

•Chopin = genius.

•New York is my home away from home. If my job could be to watch Broadway shows, I think I would be in bliss. 

•Letters flying between friends. I pity anyone who doesn't enjoy this wonderful way of communication.

•BBC, Masterpiece, A&E, British movies. That's my favorite type of movie to watch. But I also love corny musicals, black and white retro movies, and animated kids movies. Some modern ones are ok.

•Sleepovers. Or my term, giggleovers. Because who needs sleep when you can giggle.

•I like games, and being competitive.... if not taken *too* seriously that it's not fun anymore. 

•*dancing* All kinds. I love to choreography dances, and learn steps to famous ones (shout out to Laendler and the Cinderella dance from the 2015 movie...)

•Les Miserables. Amazing. Everything about it. Love.

•Photography - I love it. But I am not good at it, so I leave that to my a.m.a.z.i.n.g sister.

•Studied music in college for a while. It made me appreciate this art form even more.

•Italy - I went there and lived in a dream for 10 beautiful days. 

•The Piano is a beautiful instrument. I want everyone to share the love of playing it with me.

•Graceful, I am not. Bouncy.... yes, that describes me much better.

•Perhaps you wouldn't think it from reading this blog, but I love sports. Especially baseball. Go White Sox!! *ducks from Cubs fans throwing tomatoes*

•An Old-Fashioned Girl is a favorite book of mine. 

•Puppies are cute, particularly mine. Curly, fluffy, wiggle-monster, cockapoo, lover-boy. But for your information, I like cats too. I honestly don't think I'll ever fully get over losing my kitty back in 2008.

•Broadway. Cinderella. Newsies. Beauty and the Beast. Amazing Grace. Finding Neverland. Wicked. Aladdin. Yes... I've seen all of those. And they were amazing.

•Singing around the house. Always. About anything. Like I said, life is a musical. Enjoy it, or you'll be annoyed.

•Seasons. I love them!

•Home. It's my favorite place.

I hope you enjoy this blog. It took me a long time to finally start it, but I hope it encourages you in some way! Thanks to everyone who has helped me along my journey of life. I treasure each one of you!


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