Friday, August 28, 2015

Accessorizing Colonial

After making my new block print jacket, I turned to some more block printed muslin Amber had given me. There wasn't enough to get another jacket, so I did a little piecing to get a large enough piece for a neckerchief. I love how much something so small can brighten up a whole outfit! And I totally love block printed muslin. It's so beautiful! :)
It's a half square, cut on the diagonal, and the edge is hand-hemmed with a tiny rolled hem. A super simple, but also highly gratifying project! :)


  1. Lovely! Love the color combination

  2. It's PINK. And BLUE. And it's so gorgeous!!! :) I am continually amazed by your gorgeous colonial ensembles!!! Can you recommend a place to buy block-printed muslin like this? It's just gorgeous.
    Lovely outfit, Tara!! You look amazing as always.

    1. I've never bought my own block print muslin, as all this fabric was given to me by a friend. I do know, however, that it came from India. Hope that helps you find it! :)

  3. This is a very pretty ensemble, Tara, cap and all. And this kerchief is absolutely lovely, especially with the ribbon tie. :)

  4. Fantastic accessory for that outfit!



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