Monday, June 29, 2015

Only in New York (plus a little Chicago)

"Step right up to Treasure Isle, every inch of it a sky-high mile. Fairytale land - only in New York."

If you all didn't know, I love New York. I went last January and was up in the clouds for several weeks (months?) afterwards, and so when I had an opportunity to go again, I jumped on it! :)

But this trip wasn't solely to see the city. The main purpose of this trip was to attend a voice class with Sierra Boggess and a voice lesson with Laura Osnes.


you read that right.

I'm still in awe that it actually happened.

Anyway, mom and I flew out on Monday morning and got there in time for a late lunch (we were starving! Hadn't eaten all day!), so we tried a mediterranean place called Ilili which was amazing!! Lamb sandwiches, brussel sprouts with grapes and walnuts drizzled with mint yogurt and maple syrup dressing, pita breads that looked like pillows, hummus, and feta cheese spread. YUM!
(apologies for the phone photos - I didn't have my sister with me, so this is all you get!)
yes, I took a photo of the bathroom. They were cool.
But kind of felt like you were in solitary confinement. (inside joke...)

After that we walked down to SoHo, and passed the Washington Memorial Park.

And then, it was time for Sierra's master class. Um. Amazing. There were 20 singers, and several more observers for the class. We each sang part of a music theater piece for her and she then gave us a new thing to bring out in the song, and we sang it again. Amazing how her talking to you for a few minutes can bring such a change in your performance! And can we just take a moment and freak out over the fact that I got to sing for Sierra Boggess?! Wwwwwwhhhhaaaat?! :)

Here's a short clip of me singing for the class:

After the class, Mom and I went for coffee up at The View on top of the Marriott. It's a restaurant that turns in a circle so you get the entire view of the city! So neat!
Next day was the only full day we had in the city, so Mom and I hit a bunch of sights!
Oooh, look! It's a beautiful library!
Grand Central Station. It's gorgeous.
And they have the old ticket booths!! EEEP!

We walked the highline, which was neat, but nothing impressive enough to photograph, and that got us close to the water taxi stop, where we could hop on and go visit Brooklyn! We stopped for lunch in Brooklyn at a crepe shop, and then walked up to the bridge. I was singing Newsies in my head the whole way!

"We're from Brooklyn, we are Newsies, we are Brooklyn Newsies!"
While up there, I got a text from Tyce Green asking if we could move my voice lesson with Laura Osnes up a bit, because it was supposed to start at 7pm, but Laura had been invited to a show that evening, which started at 7pm. So we rushed back to catch the water taxi back to Manhattan so we could again clean up at the hotel and since now we had the evening free, we could try to get last minute tickets to a Broadway show. We managed to nab the last two seats at Aladdin! *squeeeeee* On the way back, we passed the Statue of Liberty!
The lesson with Laura was soooo great! She is probably my top favorite Broadway star, and it was awesome to get to meet her after catching one of her last performances in Cinderella last time! :) She and Tyce tag teamed to help me get both acting and vocal help, plus Tyce was also my accompanist. I got to sing two pieces for them - Home from Beauty and the Beast and I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady.

Once we finished there, we ran through the rain to get in for Aladdin. And wowowowowoww!!!! I am SO glad we got to see that! It was spectacular! Constant energy, dancing, wit, beauty! The magic carpet literally flew around the stage, the Genie (oh. my. yes.) was drop dead hilarious. And we got to see the understudy nail it for the first time as Aladdin! Afterwards as we stood outside to get pictures and autographs we could hear his whole family talking about how nervous he was to go on, and everything. It was pretty fun to witness such a great start to a new Broadway star! :)

Rodney Ingram! You were fabulous as Aladdin! :)
James Monroe Iglehart. You blew me away.

"I studied all the pictures and magazines and books, I memorized the subway map too. It's one block north to Macy's and two to Brothers Brooks. Manhattan, I prepared for you!"

Our last day we walked through Central Park, and shopped along 5th avenue, and saw Times Square again. I could get used to this kind of life.

Back at home after that dream-come-true vacation, we repacked our bags, turned around, and hit another city - Chicago. My grandpa knows someone with an apartment up at the Trump Tower, and he graciously decided to let our family spend a couple days there. The view was breathtaking!
When the clouds roll in, you can't see anything at all - this was right after it began to clear.
To say that I am over stimulated and on amazingness overload is an understatement. When Laura and Tyce walked me through I Could Have Danced All Night, they told me to think of an event or time that just felt like the best night of your life, and imagine telling it all to your best friend, and that's what you bring out in the song. Well, I think I know what thing will be on my mind when I sing that song from now on - this week! :)

2 big cities, 6 famous people, 1 Broadway show, several iconic sights. Yep, I don't know how I'll ever return to common life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1940's Leaf Print Dress

This dress I made actually before I went to college, but I just never got around to getting pictures! I made it from Simplicity 1587, just modified the skirt a little. I got the fabric from the little shop that went out of business and put everything on sale for dirt cheap - it's a rayon blend of some sort.

The pattern is kind of a hit or miss pattern - I didn't have to make any adjustments to it, but some of my friends have used it, and had to really make adjustments to it! Funny - usually it's me making tons of adjustments! :) At any rate, I'm a fan of this pattern! :)

The neckline is my favorite part!

I chose to make it with 3/4 length sleeves because the fabric seemed fall-ish. Plus I don't have as many vintage warmer dresses!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FOR SALE || 1940's Striped Green Dress


This was a test dress. I wanted to try out a new pattern, so it was kind of acting like a mock-up. It ended up being too big, and I didn't have the desire to rip it apart and take it in even though I really liked it.

I typically wear a size 8 dress, and this one is about 2 sizes too big. It's made from this pattern, made almost to a T. The fabric is rayon. It zips up on the side. It's never been worn, and is in excellent condition.

I'm asking $30 for it, plus shipping. Comment with your email address, and I'll be in contact with you as promptly as I can. I will not publish your comment, so your information will remain confidential.

(for the photos, I adjusted it on my body, to make it look like it fit, fyi)


Does not include belt. Or shoes. Or pearls. Or me. ;)
Comment if you are interested!! And there are still hats for sale!!


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Foyle's War, anyone?

Did I ever tell you that I love the TV series Foyle's War? Murder mysteries are fabulous, and Foyle's War is my favorite!
Kathryn and Lily decided that it would be terrifically fun to have a Foyle's War party, complete with a murder mystery game, Foyle's War themed food, and of course, 1940's decor! You can see Kathryn's post about it here, and Lily's here.

I already have several 1940's dresses... but couldn't pass up an opportunity to make a new one! :) This fabric I also got at the out-of-business fabric shop. I loved the print on the fabric! The pattern I used was Vintage Vogue V8728. I followed the pattern - I just used a size smaller on the neckline than the rest of the dress, and put a zipper in the side, rather than snaps.

I decided to pair this dress with my mustard reproduction 1940's heels. My sister bought them for herself, but they didn't fit her, so I got them! :) To tie them in, I also wore my mustard belt.

These photos are from the event - my sister set up a photo booth, complete with Foyle's War themed props, and decorated with fabric bunting which she and Lily sewed.
^kudos if you know the reason we are smelling the onion^
Like the style of this dress? Come back tomorrow for an opportunity to buy one made from the same pattern! :)
There are still hats for sale!! Check out the post below to nab some great ones! :)

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