Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Williamsburg in the Winter

Winter break from school has been almost more exhausting than school itself! From dances, to Broadway shows, to late night visits with friends, I barely stopped running from the moment I drove off campus to the end of the year!

In a spur of the moment decision (at least, that's how if felt to me!) our family went to Williamsburg to ring in the new year.

So I decided in my "free time" (free time? what's that?) to whip up a new outfit for Willimsburg. I happened to have left over green silk from my regency dress, and thought that would make a perfect new winter jacket! I just used the same pattern as my other jackets, and added 1" box pleated trim.

The petticoat is a very thin white cotton. I think it was 3 widths of fabric, instead of 2 like my other petticoats - the fabric was just so thin, I didn't want it to blow away! :)

It was a super simple outfit, and very easy to whip up in a day. Plus it provided a lot of hand-sewing to do on the drive there!
Since the jacket is silk, I decided to dress up a little more by doing my hair in rolls, rather than a cap. I had no idea what I was doing, so I just teased and rolled and pinned and hoped it turned out ok, because I didn't have a mirror with me to check the back! :)

We took the photos outside the garden of the Governor's Palace... it took a while to wait for the perfect moment when there was no one in the garden, but I think it was worth the wait! This was just a goofing off shot, while hoping the people in the garden would leave.

As always, thanks to Kathryn Grace Photography for the photos!


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