Friday, November 29, 2013

American Duchess Photo Contest | Please Vote!!

 AND the winners were announced on American Duchess' blog! Our photo tied for 4th place! :)

**** EDIT****
Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Sadly, someone manipulated the contest unfairly, and the voting had to be taken down. They are now going to be judged by a panel of judges, rather than voters choice. Again, thanks to everyone who voted for us!


Hey everyone! 

Hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving! I know I did - eating more than I should, giggling on the couch with some of my favorite friends, singing around the piano with said friends, and today I'm spending with my fabulous extended family to eat some more! :)

Anyway, this post is to let you know that my amazing photographer sister and I entered the American Duchess photo contest! This is our entry, and we'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for us by liking this photo on Facebook. You can vote once per day up to December 6th. 

CLICK HERE for the link to the gallery, and if you think our's is the best, please vote!! :)


  1. This is such a beautiful picture, and yes, I voted for you. :)

    I also submitted a photo, but I'm afraid it isn't as nearly as charming as yours. I am the violinist on the far left in "The Christmas Quartet in Dickens' Fashion."

  2. I've been enjoying your blog. I have voted on FB for you.

    The pose is lovely as though you were leaning over to look into the river when something behind caught your attention. And you were pleased by it. Since it's supposed to be s snowy day, I should think gloves would have been a nice addition.

    Your sewing and your sister's photos are inspirational.
    Blessings, Susan

  3. I voted for your photo! It is adorable, well-composed and compelling. It feels like Christmas! Or at least a cozy, jolly winter. Good job!

  4. Cheri - Wow, thanks so much! That's so sweet of you, especially having entered your own photo!

    SusanF - Both my sister and I remarked on how we would have liked to having mitts, but I haven't made any yet! It would have been a nice addition for sure, especially because my hands were pretty freezing while resting on the bridge! :) Thanks for voting!

    Abigael - Thanks so much!!

  5. I loved your photo, even though we were in a fierce competition ;) I think it's one of few entries that is not only valuable because of the costume, but because of the technical and photografic reasons. Good luck, there's still a chance! :) And I'm glad I discovered your blog, it's very pleasant to look at!

  6. Eleonora Amalia - Thanks so much! I really loved the emotion and feel or your entry too - believe it or not, we were debating between entering the one we did and one with a letter that was very similar to yours! Thanks for stopping by! And good luck to you too! I'm really eager to see who wins this contest with the panel of judges!!

  7. Oh really? That's so cool! It would be fun to see how the contest theme created such similar ideas, but it might be also a bit confusing :) Can't wait for the results too!

  8. I voted for you, Tara! I mean seriously, between your attire and Kathryn's photography.....;)

    So I was bummed that someone messed up the whole thing =(

  9. Eleonora Amalia - :) Yep, you can't go wrong with a historical girl reading a letter! :)

    Ella - Thanks bunches! Kathryn really did a great job taking the photo - and we were super blessed to have a snow storm right when the contest was going on! :) We were bummed too when we found out it was messed up, but it will still be fun to see who wins with the panel of judges! :)

  10. Your outfit is gorgeous and the photography is stunning.
    I've been looking around your blog and the outfits you design are all so pretty and creative- you are very talented.

    So glad I found your blog!


  11. So? Do we know the outcome yet?! As to your comment about your amazing photographer sister - she really is talented. :)

  12. Morgan - Thank you so much!

    Moriah - Yes, they did announce the winners! We were tied for 4th place! I added the information into the post, so you can click on the link and see the results on American Duchess' blog! :)



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