Friday, November 29, 2013

American Duchess Photo Contest | Please Vote!!

 AND the winners were announced on American Duchess' blog! Our photo tied for 4th place! :)

**** EDIT****
Thanks to everyone who voted for us! Sadly, someone manipulated the contest unfairly, and the voting had to be taken down. They are now going to be judged by a panel of judges, rather than voters choice. Again, thanks to everyone who voted for us!


Hey everyone! 

Hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving! I know I did - eating more than I should, giggling on the couch with some of my favorite friends, singing around the piano with said friends, and today I'm spending with my fabulous extended family to eat some more! :)

Anyway, this post is to let you know that my amazing photographer sister and I entered the American Duchess photo contest! This is our entry, and we'd really appreciate it if you'd vote for us by liking this photo on Facebook. You can vote once per day up to December 6th. 

CLICK HERE for the link to the gallery, and if you think our's is the best, please vote!! :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Boys in Bow Ties

Bow ties. They're awesome.

Little boys in bow ties are even awesomer.

(yep, that's a word. i made it up)

We were talking with our friend, Wendy, and she was saying how she was going out to visit her sister's family, and while she was out there she was planning to do a photoshoot of their family. Naturally, the conversation turned to props, poses, and outfits.... and I made a comment about how cute it would be for Trenor to be in a bow tie.

So I decided to make him one.

Or two.

Or four.

Wendy decided on green as being the accent color, and there are SO many different shades of green, so I just pulled out all of my scrap green fabric and ended up making him 4 different green bow ties (the gingham is more blue).
I looked online and found THIS pattern and tutorial, and it worked perfectly. They're so easy to make, and so rewarding.... I did a lot of squealing during this project, especially when I'd come hopping through our kitchen to show my mom and gush over how utterly adorable they were. :)
This fabric was leftover from this dress.
You'll recognize this fabric leftover from my 1960's dress.
The gingham is killing me. It's just so cute! My friend gave me this fabric...for free!!
Ahhh... it's polka-dots!!! This one will be so cute for spring!! :)
It was made from leftover fabric from Kathryn's regency dress.
And here's a photo from Wendy's photo shoot. I love these people so much!!
(Thanks for letting me use the picture Wendy!)

And now... I'm obsessed. And I have to make a ton more. Fortunately, I know a lot of little boys who will need one - plus my cousin just had a baby boy (!!!!!!!), and he's the first baby in our family since I was born, so he's gonna be one spoiled little boy, with my other cousin being a fashion consultant (that kid is gonna have class, guys), my sister being a photographer (he'll have the best baby photos), and me as a seamstress (little boy in colonial garb? I think yes).

Bow ties make me happy.
the end.

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