Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tutorial | Anne of Green Gables Hairstyle

I got a few requests after my last post for a tutorial on how I did my Anne of Green Gables hair... so I made a video for you all... it's not perfect, as I am still trying to figure out how to video by myself in a mirror, but at least it's something! :)

Do let me know if it works for you!!


  1. Loved it! I really liked how it looked right after you took out the rags :P


  2. I love how you make everything look so easy. :) Can hardly wait to try it, but must cut up some fabric for my rags. I wonder if foam rollers would work? Thanks for posting, Tara!

  3. Isabelle - Haha, thanks! :) I totally feel 10 years old when my hair comes out of the rags!! :)

    Cheri - I think foam rollers would work just fine!! Any type of tight curl that will easily turn into an afro when brushed out should work! :) You're welcome - it was my pleasure! :)

  4. ahhh Tara, memories of the 60's for me. I ragged my hair a lot and when I was a little girl my mom did it for me. She put the rags in leftover tea, so then you didn't have to spray the hair that much. They always said that the style would stay in longer that way. (don't know it that's true). Also one of my friends always slept with her hair rolled in toilet paper when she went to bed if she wanted to keep her hairstyle longer :-) . (I bet that looked real cute! ) Lots of work, but it looks beautiful on you! love, Oma

  5. This looks great! We just bought Anne of Green Gables and I loved it - I didn't like the Continuing Story part as much though. I just came across your blog from your sister's. Thanks so much for the cute regency dress ideas! Stop by my blog @

  6. Oma - That's so neat about the tea! I'll have to try that sometime and see if it works! :) Hahaha!! I can't imagine rolling my head in toilet paper though!! :)

    DollyCreates - I haven't seen the Continuing Story, as all my friends say it's dreadful! :) Thanks for the comment!



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