Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blog | Mode de Lis

I'm so so so excited to share with you that my dear friend Lily has entered the blogging world!! We've been telling Lily that she needed a blog for a couple years now, because she is the most amazing seamstress - I mean, THE MOST AMAZING!!!! (ok Lily, pressure is on *wink*).

You need to go check her blog out, add her to your Google Reader, follow, comment, the whole she-bang. She's that good. Really. Ya'll will want to ditch my blog when you read hers (I won't be offended, I promise).

On TOP of all that, she has really great pictures on her blog... maybe because my sister took them.... :)

And her blog design is super cute.... maybe because my sister designed it.... :)

So please, go and check out Mode de Lis - you won't regret it! Lily will inspire you and make your jaw drop open with her incredible sewing skills!


  1. I just started following Lily's blog - she is truly amazing! Love, love, love her clothing. =)

  2. great blog from Lily, and I'm very, very jealous of her great! find of 1940's shoes. Wow, beautiful, in great shape and everything and what a price!

  3. Samantha - I know!! She's incredible... plus she's a really great person too... :)

    Oma - :) Weren't the shoes in great condition? I was impressed (and jealous). :)



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