Thursday, June 27, 2013

Swim Time!

Well, I've *almost* deserted this blog for a whole month. Time sure flies when summer is here! :)

It's been a great month so far, and I haven't been at my sewing machine as much as usual. I've done a lot of "small" projects, like altering bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for my friend's wedding this weekend, hemming the pocket-squares for the guys, sewing on a button, or a hook and eye. Nothing really big.

But since it's summer, that means I'll be swimming, and I needed a new swim top. So one afternoon, I made up the pattern, and the next afternoon I sewed most of it.

The pattern was super easy to make up, as I knew what I wanted it to look like. It's made of swim-suit material (the only tricky part, because you need to put in a bazillion pins if you don't want it to slide around like crazy),and it's two layers, so that the top layer can be loose, for modesty *out* of the pool, and the inner layer can be fitted for modest *in* the pool. It's all mostly rectangles, except the side seams. :)

Here you can see the pleat detail on the neckline - the pleats are mirrored at the waistband.

Ok... now I'm really in the mood to go swimming! :)

I'll try my best to be more consistent in posting, especially as I have a number of really fun projects to do in the next few months... such as, an Anne of Green Gables outfit, a 1920's beaded gown, and who knows what else! :)


  1. Okay...Anne of Green Gables AND a 1920s beaded gown??? That's sounds exciting- I can't wait!

    And you're swimsuit looks really cute- my sister's been thinking about maybe trying to make one this year, actually. :)

  2. So cute! Yeah swimming material is So hard to sew, thenks for the tip!


  3. Hayden - I'm pretty excited myself! :) Thanks!

    Isabella - Thank you for the comment!

  4. A Anne of Green Gabls outfit!!! SO cool!!! Will you make one for me too!!!!=)

  5. Like the idea of the two layered top . . . good thinking.

    An Anne of Green Gables outfit! Any hints? Like which one it will be? :)

  6. Love this swim top!!! It's super cute.

  7. Sarah - Sure! For the right price... haha!! :)

    Moriah - :) The 2 layers can be SO helpful! A hint? Well... there's some lace involved, and Anne's is blue, though mine is going to be purple. Is that a good enough hint? :)

    Kianna Rose - Thanks!!

  8. I do believe you are now bordering on neglect.... ;)

  9. Emil - Guilty. :)



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