Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Week in Williamsburg

Ahhhhh.... I kind of feel like I have no words to describe my week in Williamsburg. But I'll do my best. :)

The drive there was... scary. Yeah... we left 60ยบ weather here at home, and drove through West Virginia/Virginia in a blizzard. No joke. It was super weird. To be in Virginia, on April 4th, in a blizzard. Thankfully we made it safe and sound, though not without having to take a winding narrow road over a mountain, since the tunnel through the mountain was closed due to an accident. Just going through that added 2 extra hours to our trip.

We stopped to spend a day with my grandparents, and surprisingly, timed it perfectly with my Dad's cousin from CA, who happened to be visiting my grandparents too while they looked at colleges for her son! So fun to get to meet people you're related to for the first time! :)

The drive to Williamsburg was uneventful. Thankfully!

We shared a cottage about 5 minutes away from the town with our friends the Riggenbachs. It was an adorable cottage, and just a place where you feel happy, if that makes sense. :) We arrived pretty late in the evening, so we couldn't go into town on the first day, but we spent every other day there, so that was fine!

It was fun as places started looking more familiar to me, as I remembered some things from 9 years ago. I also remember some of the people who work there! Pretty neat! I can't go into detail about the whole week, as that would take waaaaay too long, so I'll just give you a few highlights.

The top highlight for me was probably a concert that we went too in the Governer's Palace ballroom. Talk about the best location for a concert ever!! :) You just have to love hearing Teleman played on a real 18th century harpsichord. :) Am I making you jealous??

*All photos by Kathryn Grace Photography, unless otherwise noted*

This photo was taken during our tour of the Governer's Palace. The concert was in by candlelight in the evening. You can see the harpsichord though on the right. 

I loved the small shops, and learning about the trades of the 18th century. Of course, I loved the milliner shop the best - after all, that's my thing! It was super exciting too, as we were walking around town one evening and we were stopped by the apprentice tailor, who told us that they were talking about us in the shop because our clothes were nice!!!*squeals* Way to make us beam the rest of the time we were there! :)

Since we were in 18th century clothing the whole time, most people thought we worked there... we had to learn where all the bathrooms and bus stops were pretty quickly so we could answer questions! :) It was hilarious to see peoples' faces when we'd tell them "Oh, we don't work here. We're just visitors". But honestly - what's the point of going to Williamsburg if you're not going to dress up?? :)

Okay, enough with the words, and onto the pictures of my outfits! 

This is the outfit you've already seen

This was probably my favorite combination of clothing. Mrs. Riggenbach called me a "chocolate raspberry". :)

The above photos were taken at the capitol building, and it was like a "wind tunnel" in there... I nearly lost my hat! 

Lily and me.
It was really funny, because Lily and I either coordinated our outfits really well (like above), or really horribly, to the point where we didn't want to stand next to each other.
Lily is the most amazing seamstress... I get seriously inspired every time I am around her. Who else agrees with me that she needs to start a blog so we can all admire her work??

Lily has a blog now!! Check it out HERE!

L-R: Mr. Riggenbach, Mrs. Riggenbach, Gretel, Benjamin, me, Lily, and Kathryn
*Photo by a random tourist with a HUGE lens who got Dad's email and sent us the picture*

Benjamin is the son of the shoemaker at Williamsburg. We were walking by the field in front of their house while his brother was practicing bowling for a cricket match they were having at Bacon's Castle, and Mr. and Mrs. Riggenbach struck up a conversation with them. Turns out they are reformed and home-educated (like us)! It was really neat to meet them, and hear about how it is to live in Williamsburg, etc. Benjamin gave us a personalized tour of the town on Monday, and even got dressed in period attire on Tuesday!

Here's a petticoat that was in the Milliner's shop. I want it.

Me teaching Lily how to play Mancala at the Powell house

This outfit is really a jacket and skirt, but I purposely made it out of the same fabric so it would look somewhat like a dress. Kathryn is wearing it in the group photo above, but with the neckerchief tucked in.

You can see on the sleeves of this jacket there's a small pleat. I did the other jackets completely smooth around, but this one I added the pleat to make it more comfortable. I would probably move the pleat up higher if I did it again.

These photos were taken at the garden of Basset Hall, the Rockefellers home in Williamsburg. It was probably my favorite house there, though the decor was a little over the top. Mrs. Rockefeller had interesting taste.

Another combination of garments

There were two other outfit combinations that didn't get photographed, but I'm sure you get the idea. :)

Sorry it took so long to get this post up. Life has been non-stop since we got home! But I hope it was worth the wait. Oh, and if you ever get the opportunity to visit Williamburg, TAKE IT! I want to live there.

As always, MANY THANKS, Kathryn for these photos! And MANY THANKS to the Riggenbach family for inviting us to come. It was a blast being with you all for a week!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

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Hey everyone!

I know you all are probably looking for a post about my trip to Williamsburg, and I promise you, it will come soon!

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And I'll be back as soon as possible to tell you all about my amazing trip to Williamsburg!

Ta ta for now!

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