Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Wardrobe for Williamsburg

This spring our family is going to Williamsburg with some friends. We haven't been to Williamsburg since 2004, so we are pretty excited, to say the least.

BUT, I have no 1770's clothing. And that is simply not allowed when going to Williamsburg.

Our friends, the Riggenbachs, helped my sister and me make stays this past week, which went amazingly easy (fastest mock-up fittings ever), so now I'm working on my wardrobe. I'm planning on 3 jackets and 2 petticoats (no, I don't settle for just 1 outfit - that would be just too easy). I had some linen I was going to make into a regency petticoat, but I figured this would be more fun, so I'm using that for one jacket, and then ordered some more linen for the rest of the garments.

These are the colors I decided on:

So... the race is on, to complete everything in time. Sewing it all up is easy, but doing the trimmings can be very time consuming....

I'm also SUPER excited to finally wear my "Georgiana Shoes" from American Duchess!! Whoop whoop!!

Pictures of the progress will be up soon!

Ta ta for now!


~A very excited Tara


  1. You make me sound like a wimp.

    ...maybe because I am a wimp...

  2. Or... I could just call you sane.

  3. Oooh! So excited to see your lovely clothes!

  4. I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to see your projects in action! :D

  5. AHHHH!


    too excited for you. And can't wait to see these outfits. ^_^

  6. Oh, don't keep us waiting in suspense too long! ;)

    Our family went to Willamsburg in 2007 and it is AMAZING. I could use another trip out there. Gorgeous scenery, amazing costumes, darling shops, priceless history . . . oh, my.

  7. Miss Dashwood - I'm excited too! The first garment is almost completed!

    Kathryn - :D

    Allison - Thanks for sharing in my excitement!

    Laurelyn - :) :) :)

    Moriah - I can't wait to get back there!! Wondering if it will look different than I remember!!

  8. Hello from a new follower! :-)
    I can't wait to see what you make - sewing historical costumes and the Colonial period are two of my favorite things!

    Have a fantastic day and God bless,

    ::: Blog - www.gabby-marie.blogspot.com :::

  9. Wow, that does sound like a crazy amount of sewing... But... Crazy for a good reason it sounds like! :)

    Ya'll wouldn't happen to be going to the RC Sproul Jr thingy happening this weekend would you?

  10. A trip to Williamsburg sounds like such fun, but even more fun since you get to dress up. And those shoes are so pretty, I am excited to see your outfits when they are done.

  11. Shannon - Thanks for following my blog!! I've been LOVING the colonial era even more now than ever! :)

    Emil - Sadly we won't be at the conference, as our friend is getting married that Saturday, and Kathryn is shooting the wedding. I'll miss seeing ya'll!!

    Heather - I can't wait! It's going to be a blast! Aren't the shoes darling?? I love American Duchess! :)

  12. Oh, that's disappointing... I was hoping we could go to Woodstock again or something... Well, hopefully next time!! :)

  13. Emil - That would have been so much fun! We made for a pretty slap-happy group last time :D Ya'll will just have to come up here again sometime. :)

  14. Wow, you are quite ambitious Tara! Have fun in Williamsburg, it's been a a few years since we went but I remember it as having some really neat historical places to see. Make sure to tell me all about your trip, and please post some pictures of your sewing projects:)

    Happy Sewing!

  15. :-D Yes, yes, we were... hehe

    Yeah, Grace and I were talking about asking ya'll if we could come up again sometime this spring.. Grace keeps raving about needing to go to the melting pot... ;-) hopefully it will work out!

  16. Esther - I'll be sure to "type your ear off" with details of the trip! :) I just finished the 2nd garment of my wardrobe... now to get pictures taken! :) I'll be replying to your email soon! Love you!

    Emil - That would be great if ya'll came up! The Melting Pot sure is tasty!

  17. What an exciting trip! Can't wait to see pictures of your sure-to-be-lovely Williamsburg wardrobe :)

  18. Thanks for the comment, Tess!



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