Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pictures of the finished room!!

I know. Finally.

It's been *so* close to being done for so long. Actually, it's not officially done, because I still need to get the right sized pictures in the frames. I just had to stick a bunch of 4x6 pictures in them anyway because I was tired of having people I don't know staring down at me from my wall. *creepy*

I went with a vintage, french, postcard, eiffel tower theme. 

Hobby Lobby and World Market are dangerous stores, people!

I LOVE my full sized mirror! Never had one before - have no idea what I did without it! :) It also turns and on the back side is a book shelf. Score!

The pillows were the first things I got for my room, which made me decide to do this theme. I was debating between this and a very bold/modern look. Then I saw these pillows and said "I need them" and the decision was made.

Funny thing is that my sister is also re-doing her room, and the first thing she got was pillows too! :)

So there you have it! Sorry it took so long to get up pictures! Today I'm going to try to work more on my 1950's dress and have pictures up sometime next week - no promises though! :) 

Oh, and last picture - me with a bunch of the gifts my parents gave me for my birthday. You could title this picture "The Many Different Sides of Tara":

Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert on CD, Beatrix Potter collection, Bow, and a sweatshirt that says, "Caution: Prone to Sudden Outbursts of Song". Um, yes, that's me.


  1. It looks fabulous! Love the Eiffel Tower on the wall!

  2. So cute!! I love it. Your pillows are adorable!! :-)
    Nice bow! I like it!

    Happy Belated Birthday by the way!
    We have got to get together and chat sometime.

  3. Nice theme pick.
    I like the "music staff hooks", and the pillows.:D
    And the Eiffel tower.

    Happy belated birthday!
    Fun sweatshirt! ;)

  4. Love the room (and the pillows!!), can't wait to see it in person! :-) And yes, full length mirrors are so convenient, so often!

    Oh dear, is that the complete works of Beatrix Potter, bound in individual books....?? Please don't let Mom see those; she will be so envious!

  5. Your room is adorable. Like your sense of style. :)

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

  6. Where did you find the mirror/bookshelf?!!!!!

  7. You did such a great job, T! It looks 200% better than it did before!

  8. Great work! I love the room. =) And YES FOR THE BOW!! Have fun shooting!! You need to come shoot with me on our property sometime... :D

  9. Yeah! Glad to see pictures of your latest project. It must be so exciting to have your room (mostly;) done.

    Yes, fun length mirrors are very nice - you learn what the bottom half of your outfits look like. :)

  10. Kellie - I know!! Eiffel Tower stuff is so great! It was such a fun theme, but also really difficult because there is SO much out there of the Eiffel Tower, that I probably could have spend thousands just on decor! :)

    Kaila - Thanks! I agree - we really do need to chat and get to know each other better! Hopefully an opportunity will come soon!!

    Emma - Fellow music fan - yeah, the hooks are one of my favorite parts too! :) Thanks for commenting!

    Lily - Yep, the whole set of Beatrix Potter... I was pretty excited! They're so cute!! Tell your mom she can come read my set anytime! :) We need to get together soon so you can see the room - you are in at least two pictures on my wall, fyi! ;) Miss you!

    Iris - Thanks!

    The Tayloress - The mirror/bookshelf was from Cost Plus World Market. You can find it here: I love mine! :)

    Kathryn - Thanks.... yeah... I kind of agree about the 200% better. Can't wait 'til yours is done! :)

    Laurelyn - I would LOVE to come shoot with you!! I need a rest for the arrows first, but I'll let you know when I get that and we can set up a time to shoot together! Such fun!!

    Moriah - It is really exciting, and I'm really pleased with how it came out! You'll have to come see it in person sometime soon! Miss you!

  11. Creative b-day gifts, Tara! You have a thoughtful family. and I LOVE your room and how everything turned out. hard work pays off! wish I could have been your partner in crime sanding the floors and shopping for the decorations and all the other fun stuff!

  12. Christie - I wish you were my partner in crime too - would have been twice as fun with you there!! I miss you!!



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