Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Re-making...

... but sadly, not in the line of sewing. I actually haven't touched my sewing machine since my last project, which is depressing.

I'm currently working on re-finishing our guest room, soon to be my room. My sister and I have shared a room since we were little kids, but as we've grown older, our schedules have changed a little, and our tastes have changed, and it would be nice to have some personal space. So I'm moving into the guest room, and she is taking over our room, which means we both get to re-decorate (we are done with the pink - oy!)

I'm going with the vintage/french/postcard look, so the walls are going to be two different shades of tan, and the trim is going to be a creamy off-white.

This is what our guest room looked like before. Yes. I know we have a lot of stuffed animals.

I'm excited about the big closet all to myself....!!

The ceiling looked like it had those stick-on glow-in-the-dark stars all over it, and when they were removed, it left marks, which got painted over, so that needed a LOT of sanding. The lower half of the wall was paint-speckled with several different colors, so that needed a TON of sanding. And the top half was nice and easy, except that it looked like about a hundred pictures were hung on the walls in the course of time, so a it needed a BUNCH of filling in. And the floor looked unfinished, so that needs to be sanded and stained.

That was the only wall I sanded by hand. My dad found me an electric sander which made the process go MUCH faster!

This is what it looked like yesterday - all primed.Yesterday I put another coat of prime on the lower half of the wall and did the ceiling. Now it has blue painters tape alllllllll over, and tomorrow I will get the color on the walls! I think it is a huge improvement thus far. 

I, on the other hand, look... well, yeah. 

More updates on the progress to follow. 


  1. Oh . . . re-decorating!!! F.U.N.!

    I am looking forward to further up-dates.

  2. I love re-making! Hope you are having fun =)

    I awarded you over @ my blog!
    Please check it out here:

  3. FUN! I love before/during/after stuff like this and can't wait to see more updates! : D

  4. Awww, you didn't use my favorite picture of you all painty!
    You've made great progress, sis! Today... COLOR!

  5. Fun stuff! Just the kind of project I love to do! Enjoy it, and enjoy your own room!

  6. You are doing an awesome job! I cannot wait to see what it looks like when you are all finished. And I adore that last picture of you. ;) Miss ya girl!

  7. Moriah - It is fun, but it is also tiring! :) I'll be posting photos of the room completely painted soon!!

    Mandie - Thank you for the award!!

    Allison - I love seeing a project progress over time too!

    Kathryn - Sorry... can post it if you want. :P I was soooo excited to get the color on the walls!! Can't wait to see how *your* room turns out too!

    Kellie - I'm sure I shall enjoy having my own room!!

    RJ - I'll have to have you over when it is done, and we can chat up there, rather than the basement for once! :) Miss you more!



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