Friday, August 31, 2012

From Skirt to Shirt

Yep, another remake. This one was a super fast job! :)

This past weekend we attended the wedding of our good friend, Grant. Grant is my "rent-a-brother", as we like so say, since Kathryn and I have no brothers, the Strand boys became our "rent-a-brothers". It was a very joyous occasion, and we had a great time, but we were very very tired by the end, since Dad and I played the music for the ceremony, Mom ran various errands, and Kathryn was the photographer.

Sunday we all took naps and woke up still pretty exhausted.

And Monday I went with some friends to Six Flags, and walked around all day and went on roller coasters, and generally made myself even more exhausted (but is was sooo worth it! :)

All that to say, the past few days have been "recovery time", and rather un-productive. Yesterday, I just really needed a simple, relaxing project, so I pulled out this skirt from my grandma, and whipped it into a shirt. All in all, it took me about an hour. Perfect way to relax, and still get something done!

Before. Just a knit, drawstring skirt.

After - a comfy summer shirt

Back seams - those seams were the original seam down the center back of the skirt

Scrunchy, flowery design. I think I saw this on Pinterest....

More bedroom photos will be coming soon - all the painting is done, and now I need to get to work on the floor. As I said, not much has been done recently with the wedding! :) And I hope to also work on another remake of an old linen dress.... we'll see what that turns into! :) For now, here's a picture of my puppy:

See ya'll later!


  1. That looks great! Awesome work, do you think you could post a step-by-step tutorial for us? :)

    P.S. Love the picture of you doggy! So cute. ;)

  2. I know completely off topic but, did you get your hair trimmed recently or am I imagining things?

    Enjoying your "series" on makeovers. :)

  3. Puppy is smiling! Cutie pie. Nice job on the shirt too!

  4. Awesome remake T! I've been loving all your sewing posts lately. :) AWW! Chivery is just TOO cute. And I owe you an e-mail.Every-time I sit down to write you? I get interrupted. MISS YOU!!!

  5. I too am curious how you did the scrunchy, flowery design. :) Do tell! It's so cute...

  6. Nela - I could try to get a tutorial up for you in the near future... can't say it is high on the priority list, but we'll see! :)

    Moriah - Yes, I did fairly recently when these pictures were taken! :)

    Mom - He's so good at smiling.

    RJ - Tell me about it! I get interrupted soooo often when I'm emailing you too! :) Thank so much girl! Miss you too, but I'll see you SOOOOOON!

    Brittany - The scrunchy flower design is made by using elastic thread. The elastic thread is put in the bobbin, and regular black thread on top. You make a series of loop-dee-doos in a half circle, row on top of row until it is as large as you want it. Kind of confusing, but you can look at this tutorial to have a visual idea of how I did it:

    Christie - Aww, thanks! MISS YOU!!!!

  7. Your shirt is so cool, Tara! I love it! And your puppy....breath taking!;)

    Emily J.

  8. Thanks Emily!!

  9. I love the shirt and the adorable puppy!


  10. Thank you, Emma!

  11. Hi Tara,
    I just want to say that I LOVE your blog: you are a truly amazing seamstress, and I wish I could sew as well as you do! So I've awarded you:
    God bless!

  12. Violet - That's so sweet of you! Thanks for the award - I rarely actually get them up on my blog, but I truly appreciate it!



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