Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Modern to Retro

My grandma gave me a couple outfits to use the material how I wanted. I put them in my closet and there they sat for.... 2 years? I didn't have any special ideas until I was looking one day and looked at the tag and saw it was 100% Rayon - and of course, I immediately thought "1940's". It was pretty simple from there - button down, with a little waist band, shorten the sleeves, cute buttons, put some gathers in, voila! :)

This is the original

And here's my remake

I got my shoes on sale - eeeeep! I love them! :)

I made dorset buttons to go all the way down the front - and I realllllly like how they came out! It was worth all the work! :)

Rather than take out the sleeves to pull in the shoulders, I just gathered the fabric.

Oh look, there's my hair. My sister did it for me, and I am quite pleased with it! :)

The back bodice is gathered, and the skirt is 1/2" pleats

Up close pleats

This is the first installment of a series of "remaking" posts - I have a lot more to remake! :)

Sorry I haven't posted much lately - summer has been super busy and sewing hasn't been a huge priority. Just some random tidbits into my life:

• Going to see a youth play of Les Miserables, and hearing the VERY BEST version of Bring Him Home EVER! Oh my goodness.... it was amazing - worth the price of admission plus some more! :)

• Getting ready for bed, and glancing up to see a huge black spider on the wall. Being the "brave girl" that I am, I grabbed a tissue to smash it and it escaped by climbing onto the top of the tissue and proceeded toward my hand. I, of course, stifled a scream and flung my hand around, which meant I didn't know if the spider was in my bed or crawling on the wall behind my head. Needless to say, trying to go to sleep after that was a bit hard. :)

• Puppy got his hair cut, and I miss the fluff, but he is realllllly cute still! :)

• Trying to sing in French and Italian and not confuse the two by switching the vowels! LOL!

So that's about it! :) See ya'll later!


  1. Tara, what a cute and great dress you made out of that outfit! I have some more nice clothes you can re-make for yourself :-) if you ever don't have anything to do :-)
    love, Oma-in-awe.......

  2. Cute stuff! That is so creative of you! I love 1940s styles! :)

  3. Lovely, I am working on my first remake. You are far and above me in skill level though. I love the blue with the red touches.

  4. That dress is TOO CUTE!:) I just LOVE 1940-50's styled dresses. I just re-did a dress I have too.
    Your shoes are ADORABLE too! And I love your hair-do and you look just perfect:)

  5. 1- Oh goodness the dress turned out beautiful! I love the red buttons. It really makes everything pop!

    2- The shoes! I'm dying over the beautifulness. (That isn't even a word, but whatever) Where did you get them? I need pair. Ok. I don't need a pair, but I do want a pair.

    3- Girl look gorgeous and you pull off the retro look beautifully.

    4- I don't care for spiders either, but I am a terrible friend for laughing at the mental picture of you trying to kill it?? :D

  6. That is such a cute dress, Tara! I love doing remakes too, and you did a great job with this one!

  7. Oma - Oh yay!! glad you like it, since it was your outfit before! Tee hee.. I'll let you know when I just have NOTHING to do, and you can pass them along! ;)

    Alisa Raty - Thank you so much! I love 1940's too!

    Rachel Olivia - Good luck with your first remake!!

    Rachel - Thanks so much! I'm on a bit of a retro phase right now... lots of plan ranging from 1920 to 1960! :)

    RJ - Aww, thanks!! I got the shoes at a store called "Avenue". It's actually a plus size store, that we popped into because we didn't know it was plus size. It was going out of business, so everything was super on sale, and when we found the shoe department, I kind went crazy, because they were all wides, which is what I wear mostly! I think they were around $14 dollars, and they also had pink-ish red and black. LOL! Yeah, I kind of wish I could re-watch my spider reaction....... I don't blame your for laughing one bit! :)

    Abigail - Thank you! Usually I prefer to start from scratch, but remaking does have it's benefits! :)

  8. The pleats are my favorite part of your dress, it looks so flattering! Oh, and your hair and red lipstick is a great touch :)

  9. I love this!!!! Your hair is so, so cute! I seriously need a haircut. And a week with the Yens. I miss you all!!

  10. Eva - Thanks for the nice comment! :) I like the pleats too!! :)

    Lily - Yay! So glad you like it!! I miss you too!!!!!!!! Been emailing Jessica about getting together with you and them and MM sometime this fall.... it needs to happen!! And of course, we need to do a Colonial stays week..... and the decade project....... :)

  11. So, you are *kinda* talented. FYI.

    I couldn't take an ugly outfit and turn it into something cute. Actually, I probably could... but I wouldn't. Which basically equals can't.


  12. That's amazing! As a seamstress myself, I love to see what others come up with. I love altering things as well. You did a wonderful job. Very inspiring.

  13. Kathryn - I think you could and you should, and maybe you'd enjoy it. That's a big maybe, but still a maybe.

    Nonpareils - Thank you! I always get inspired by other peoples' remakes too!

  14. This is so beautiful. Whenever I see things like this I wish I had more time to get behind my sewing machine!!!

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse



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