Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Modern to Retro

My grandma gave me a couple outfits to use the material how I wanted. I put them in my closet and there they sat for.... 2 years? I didn't have any special ideas until I was looking one day and looked at the tag and saw it was 100% Rayon - and of course, I immediately thought "1940's". It was pretty simple from there - button down, with a little waist band, shorten the sleeves, cute buttons, put some gathers in, voila! :)

This is the original

And here's my remake

I got my shoes on sale - eeeeep! I love them! :)

I made dorset buttons to go all the way down the front - and I realllllly like how they came out! It was worth all the work! :)

Rather than take out the sleeves to pull in the shoulders, I just gathered the fabric.

Oh look, there's my hair. My sister did it for me, and I am quite pleased with it! :)

The back bodice is gathered, and the skirt is 1/2" pleats

Up close pleats

This is the first installment of a series of "remaking" posts - I have a lot more to remake! :)

Sorry I haven't posted much lately - summer has been super busy and sewing hasn't been a huge priority. Just some random tidbits into my life:

• Going to see a youth play of Les Miserables, and hearing the VERY BEST version of Bring Him Home EVER! Oh my goodness.... it was amazing - worth the price of admission plus some more! :)

• Getting ready for bed, and glancing up to see a huge black spider on the wall. Being the "brave girl" that I am, I grabbed a tissue to smash it and it escaped by climbing onto the top of the tissue and proceeded toward my hand. I, of course, stifled a scream and flung my hand around, which meant I didn't know if the spider was in my bed or crawling on the wall behind my head. Needless to say, trying to go to sleep after that was a bit hard. :)

• Puppy got his hair cut, and I miss the fluff, but he is realllllly cute still! :)

• Trying to sing in French and Italian and not confuse the two by switching the vowels! LOL!

So that's about it! :) See ya'll later!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I kind of missed posting on the 4th, but late is better than never right? I had a great day spent with friends in 103ยบ weather, including great food, cute babies, volleyball and Andy Griffith.

Sorry, no pictures, but I'll leave you with a video instead - it's not the best quality, but the words are great. It is from Liberty Day back in March, and I arranged the music for the piano, violins and cello.

When boyhood’s fire was in my blood I read of heroes valor,
For land and home who bravely stood, against the tyrants banner.
Then I prayed I yet might see our hearts in light ascend,
And our country long aslumbered be a great land once again.

And from that time, through wildest woe, that hope has shone a far light,
Nor could love's brightest summer glow outshine that solemn starlight;
It seemed to watch above my head in mountain, field and fen,
Hope's angel voice sang round my bed, A great land once again!

It whispered too, that freedom's ark and service high and holy,
Would be profaned by feelings dark and passions vain or lowly;
For freedom comes from God's right hand, and needs a Godly train;
And righteous men must wake our land to Liberty again!

A great land once again, A great land once again!
My country long aslumbered be A great land once again!

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