Thursday, June 28, 2012

To Bring You Up to Date....

... because it has been 2 weeks since I posted anything.

My life lately... in a nutshell.

• Practicing music. Currently working on Pirates of the Caribbean theme song - we'll see if I can have it perfected by the end of summer, Star Wars Love Theme for a wedding, an arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth with my Dad on the violin, and a bunch of other classical pieces. Singing I'm doing songs in German (which isn't a very pretty language to sing in), Latin and English, and hopefully I can start French soon!!

• Studying the IPA. It's really really neat!! But I think my head is about to explode with all the memorizing! :) Seriously though, I'm realllllly enjoying it! And hopefully it will be helpful when I sing in other languages!

• Weddings. Helping out at weddings and planning for weddings. Seems like the marrying year in my circle of friends! To quote An Old-Fashioned Girl: "Occasionally a matrimonial epidemic appears, especially toward spring, devastating society, thinning the ranks of bachelordom, and leaving mothers lamenting for their fairest daughters."

Beth and me at the wedding last Sunday

•Puppy. Need I say more?

Chivery right before his haircut.

• Get-togethers with good friends! It's summer, so we are taking advantage of people being off school and enjoying spending time together!

• Just watched my first "Horatio Hornblower" (yes, that's right. I have never seen it before). While naval war isn't exactly my favorite type of movie, I really can't resist 12 hours of Ioan Gruffudd. *winks*

• Singing in a trio with Emily and Kathryn! I have soooo missed doing this since Emily went to college, but I think we might be getting back into it! YAY!

Sisters! I love these people!!

• Trying to decide what the next school year will bring as a high-school graduate................

So that's pretty much it! And it keeps me hopping all the time - it's tiring at times, but I love it, and God always gives me strength to make it through the day! :)

I promise I'll post about sewing soon! Just out of curiosity, do you like these random posts about things other than sewing, or should I just stick with the sewing stuff? Because I DO have a life outside of sewing... I'm just not sure if my readers want to know about it! :)

Alright, I'm off to get a good nights rest before a busy day tomorrow!! Whatever you do, don't forget to smile! (Tara's corny advice for the night)


  1. I'm all for posts about anything and everything!! I like you, ergo, I like pictures of your life. =)

  2. Love the photobooth pic - and your puppy is sooo adorable! Oh!

    The Pirates of the Caribbean theme is such a fun song to play - I'm working on it too:) Would love to see a video when you have it finished!

    And yes, I for one love random-life blog posts... go for it, girlie!

    P.S. I think I must watch "Horatio Hornblower" now... 12 hours of Ioan Gruffudd would doubtless be most beneficial. *grin*

  3. Of course we like hearing about your life outside of sewing! :) Thanks for the update . . . and the pics. . . and the advice. ;)

  4. I like random posts. =) Random post are fun. Yeah, I use the word random a lot. Do I sound random? Don’t worry, I’m not always like this, I’m just in a random mood.

  5. 1. What instrument do you play? I love playing the POTC theme on the piano! SO fun!

    2. Is your dog named 'Chivery' after the Dickens character?? I LOVE Little Dorrit!

    3. I agree about Ioan Gruffud. :D

    Keep posting! I love reading your blog!!

  6. Laurelyn - I like you too.

    Kellie - Hmmm... video. Well, we'll see about that! *winks* Oh yes - most beneficial indeed.

    Moriah - Glad I'm not boring anyone with my everyday life! :) Thanks for the comment! Love you!

    Aidyl Ewoh - Random-ness is good. :)

    Little Lady - I play piano and I sing, and sometimes I'll play a little flute and panflute and mandolin and pennywhistle. But mostly piano and voice. :) Isn't it great!?! I play it a ton that my family is probably sick of hearing it! :)
    Yes, my puppy is named after John Chivery from Little Dorrit - I just adore that character because he is so utterly adorable! ;)
    YAY! There are more Ioan Gruffudd fans out there!! :)

  7. I LOVE Hornblower- great uniforms and lots of excitement!

  8. ahem, you're not sure if your readers want to know about your life?

    *raises hand* i do! :)

  9. The Marchioness - Oh goody! I agree - the uniforms are great! :)

    Sheean - Okay, great! I'll keep 'em coming every once in a while then! :)



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