Monday, June 4, 2012

Girls in Khaki

These are the two dresses I made for two adorable girls I know. The bigger one was from Simplicity #5695, and I pretty much just made it as it was supposed to be, except it needed a lot less elastic in the neckline than the pattern called for. Then I added cloth flowers that were stitched on the machine to be rather "whimsical". The smaller one I just made up. The "buttons" were also cloth flowers, but 3 layers of fabric to be more sturdy.

These pictures were taken after a full morning of taking portraits with my sister, and we knew it might be a little rough for a little girl to do more, but she was so thrilled with the parasol that she posed perfectly, and then wanted to take pictures of my sister and me with the parasol! So cute!

Cuteness overload.


  1. Ah, yes! I love that Simplicity pattern! I've made it several times for various nieces. I love the idea of adding flowers, tho! I've added other notions, but havn't tried flowers.

  2. How cute! You made the smaller one without a pattern? Wow! It'll be a long time before I get that good.

  3. TOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! You are amazing m'dear. Simply amazing. :)

    Love ya! (Did my other comment go through? Your blog seems to eat my comments)

  4. Sweetness! :0)

  5. Kellie - Isn't it great! It's soooo easy and looks super comfy. I want one for me! :)

    Scullery Maid - Thanks! Yep, I just cut a lot and gathered until it fit right. Baby dresses are very forgiving. :)

    RJ - Thanks so much! (I think your comments have gone through..... bad blog - how dare you eat comments!?! :) Love you too!!

    Jenna K. & Moriah Mari - Thanks so much ladies!



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