Friday, June 1, 2012

For the Music Stand

Dad's music stand bag was falling apart... I mean, REALLY falling apart! He asked me a long time ago to remake it at some point, but last Sunday when he pulled it out, we could tell that if we took it one more place, it would bust. :) So today I set to work and remade it out of black canvas, rather than the plastic-y nylon junk it was made of before.

The old bag was just a plain bag with handles, but since Dad carries his music with him in the bag, he suggested that I add a pocket inside. The stand itself is in an L shape, plus the legs which fold down into a long tube and sit in the stand when it's in the bag, so the pocket sits in a backwards L shape on top of the stand and the legs. If that makes any sense at all. Finally, he wanted me to put the original front onto the front of the new bag so the brand of the music stand could still be on the bag.


Now you see what I mean. It was really bad!!


This was an attempt to show the pocket. The red wood is the stand.

And the back. The handles go all the way around, rather than the original which was just sewn into the top seams. No wonder it broke.

Sorry this post isn't terribly interesting, but at least it was something, right? :) I haven't had many other projects, other than small things that won't make it on the blog. I did make a dress earlier this week, so you'll see that in the near future, and I've been remaking old dresses/shirts into new shirts, so maybe I'll compile all those into one "Extreme Makeover" post. :)

Other news in my life.... Chivery got a full haircut (sadness... all the fluff is gone!!), but it's growing back. I got side bangs, and sometimes I really like them, and other times they drive me bananas, and I had my second voice recital, accompanied by the amazing Kristen, which was nerve wracking, but ever so slightly fun. Life goes on.....

:) I'll be back soon!


  1. Like the bag!

    Glad to see this on here and looking forward to the "Extreme Makeover" ;).

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    This will be much cherished for as long as the canvas doesn't wear out. Taking it out for a test carry today.

    Much love and appreciation,

  3. I want the extreme makeover posts. :D I need some inspiration to re-make things in my closet. Chivery still looks cute without all the fluff though. :) Nice job on the bag too!!


  4. Moriah Mari - :) Glad to see you on here! ;)

    Kathryn - I try to be.

    Dad - Glad you like it! Hope it holds up for a nice loooooong time! :)

    RJ - Well, 'Extreme Makeover' went on hold for a little while, because some other projects came up that were more pressing. But it will be coming.....sometime. :)



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