Monday, May 14, 2012

Tutorial | Lady Sybil's Hair

I had a few people interested in the hairstyle I did for my "Lady Sybil" photo shoot, so I thought I'd try out a video tutorial, rather than the usual step-by-step photo tutorial. I cover up one of the pinning parts with my arm, but otherwise, it should be okay. :) Let me know if I should do this again in the future, or just stick with photos! :) And let me know if you try it out, and if it works on your hair!! :)

So there you have it!

I currently do not have any sewing projects in the works (shocking, I know), but when I start something, I'll be back on here! Oh, wait... I do have two little girl dresses that I made... will have to get those photographed on the two little girls! :)

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