Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lady Sybil Crawley

At last, here are the pictures of my "Lady Sybil" dress! I have had it done for about 2 weeks, but didn't want to post about it until after it's "debut" at our Titanic Ball this past Saturday! 

Enjoy the photos!

Wearing a dress like this makes me feel very elegant. It's quite fun! :)

My reproduction shoes from American Duchess!!! They were fantastic and very comfortable! I wore them almost all night dancing (4 1/2 hours of dancing, plus 1 hour of set-up/tear down). I highly recommend American Duchess shoes!

Beaded trim! Oh how I love this era!

Antique gloves from Ebay. Heeeeeeeee!

The back closure

Shall we dance?
Photo Credit: Laura LaPrise

The dance was called by Tom Senior, who did a fantastic job teaching us new dances and keeping us on time with the music. The location was a beautiful old house that was converted into a banquet hall called "Park Place". We were so blessed to find such a great facility and wonderful caller for this event!

Dancing "The Physical Snob"
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Beatty

Grace and me. She made her dress to look like one of Lady Mary's dresses (look at the beautiful beading on the sleeve!!).
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Beatty

This was either "I Care Not For These Ladies" or "The Waltz Mixer". 
Dances sometimes have very odd names!
Photo Credit: Laura LaPrise

I based my hairstyle on Lady Sybil's hair when she comes of age (when she starts putting it up, about half-way through Season 1). And my sister let me borrow one of her antique hair combs for the occasion. :)

Maybe I'll get a tutorial for this hairstyle up, if anyone is interested.

Left to Right: Laura, Jessica, Gretel, Lily, Grace, Me, Kristen, Kathryn. All the dresses were either handmade, or thrift store combinations. Doesn't everyone look amazing??
Photo Credit: Ashton Bandy

"The Crawley Sisters"
Sybil, Edith and Mary
Lily stayed with us for a week after the ball, so we all did a photo shoot of our dresses. It was fun to get all dressed up again! :) Click HERE Lily's post about her dress!

Kathryn and me with our handsome daddy! 
Photo Credit: Laura LaPrise

Thanks to my dad, we managed to video one of the dances from the evening! Here is "Sprigs of Laurel"

And finally to close this post out, my three "Sybilish" poses:


  1. That is beautiful!

    I, for one, would definitely be interested in learning that hairstyle. :)

  2. This is simply stunning! You look the visible personification of absolute perfection. Really - you could look no more perfect if you tried! And the shoes...! yummy.

    All of the ladies are so lovely, and the event looks like it was fabulous! I sure wish I could have been there;)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work, Tara. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh darling! You look stunning!! I love your dress. Told ya it would be beautiful!

    It looks like you all had a blast! I wish it would have worked for us to come, but I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful time!! And yes, please post the hair style tutorial. :D

    Miss ya!

  4. I love this entire post and all the dresses!! Well done on your Sybil dress, it turned out beautiful :)

  5. Oh wow! You look so breath taking!!!!! Your gown is soooo gorgeous!!! Did you drape it or use a pattern?

    All ya'll looked so wonderful. Looks like it would have been a very fun ball to attend! :)

    Awesome job. :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Those last two Sybil poses are SO. PERFECT.

    so much love. =)

  7. I am blown away by the pictures and the dresses! Your dress turned out absolutely stunning. It looks like you all had a grand evening!

  8. Yeah... Some of those dances had really weird names... Now whenever I get a song stuck in my head, all I can think of is Mr. Beverages' Maggot.. :-)

  9. You looked lovely, Sybil dahling. :-) I still can't believe you made that thing without a pattern. I really love how the 1st and 3rd of the last three pictures came out. You look just like her (especially on the last one).
    If only I didn't have glasses... (random comment).

  10. Wonderful job on the dress! You are so beautiful and elegant in it!

  11. Victoria - I'll get up the tutorial as soon as possible! :)

    Kellie - Wow! Thanks so much for the lovely comment!

    RJ - Thank you so much for your encouraging words while I was sewing my dress! :) You got to hear all my rants about how awful it was before it came together! :) I wish you could have come too!! Love ya!

    Eva - Thanks!

    Brooke - :) Thank you! I draped my dress, and you can see all the steps it took, if you click on the label "Titanic Era" under this post. It was a lot more work than using a pattern, but it came together in the end! :)

    Laura - I'm so glad you came to the ball!! Thank you sooooooo much for taking photos too... it's fun to look through them and "relive" the event! Must. dance. again. soon. Heeee, doing the poses was rather fun. :)

    Christine - It was a rather grand evening! :) Thank you so much for the comment!

    Emil - Haha! I seriously still have the tunes stuck in my head! Maggot? Or Ear-worm? :) I'm so happy ya'll could come! It was a fantastic day! :)

    Kathryn - I'm hearing you say that in a "Mary" accent. :) Thankee for taking the pictures! You're amazing! :)

    Abigail - Thank you so much!

  12. All I can say is love, love, love! I am not much of a sewer - writing's more my thing - but you did a fabulous job on that dress.

    The hairstyle's amazing, too! :)

  13. So pretty and elegant! I had seen a few pictures of this event on Facebook, and it looks like you had a wonderful time. What a neat event and gorgeous costume!

    I recognized several ladies from the McDonald's church - do you go there as well?

    Happy sewing,


  14. Katrina DeLallo - Thank you so much!

    Katrina - Yes, there are a lot of pictures on Facebook, thanks to our wonderful attendees! :) Our family attends a sister church of Providence Church, so we get together with a lot of people who attend the McDonald's church. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Question; How did you convince your parents to let you wear lovely gowns in public? Mine seem to think it's indecent! The very thought.
    "I didn't say [they] were very silly.
    But [some] of [us] were very silly.
    And it wasn't *me*."

  16. The Mad Elvish Poet - Um... I didn't convince them. My parents enjoy it when I wear my creations.

  17. Oh wow!!! You did an awesome job with creating Sybils dress!!! And your hair looks just like hers!! Have you done a tutorial? I tried to copy her hairstyle for a ball I went to, but it didn't look exactly like hers... :). And the picture of you three girls being Mary, Edith, and Sybil is just loverly! Great job! :)

  18. Sophie Covey - Thank you so much! :) Yes, I did do a video tutorial - here's the link to the post:

  19. Beautiful dress!! I'm the curator of the costume exhibit in my town museum, and NO LIE we have the same pair of gloves there, only they are shorter! Could you tell me more about your gloves? What a crazy coincidence!

  20. Gabriela - How neat!! I don't know much about my gloves - they're made of stretch nylon, and it says "Fits all sizes" on the tag, and they were made in Hong Kong. :) I just got them in a large lot of gloves on Ebay several years ago. :) Let me know if you have any other questions about them, but I really don't know that much about them! :)

  21. How delightful to see you and all of your lovely friends all dressed up for an evening of dance! The colors of the dresses is simply beautiful! How fun!


  22. Gina - It certainly was fun! Thanks for the nice comment!

  23. Did you happen to use a pattern for the lace jacket/overlay? I am actually trying to recreate this dress with one I found at a thrift store that looks identical. . . and am curiously looking around for how I can recreate this lovely little lace jacket! :) I would be curious to know how you did it!

  24. Abby E - I made my own pattern for the lace jacket. It was really easy to just drape on myself, since it is short, and therefore doesn't need darts! :)

  25. :D oaky doak! Thank you for getting back with me. . . I am normally not very good about making my own patterns, but it depends on the project! We shall see if mine turns out!
    btw... I love your blog, very charming!
    My sisters and I love historical eras, and are always trying to put together different outfits! Huge fans of anne of green gables, north and south and other lovely period dramas!
    Your blog is a very lovely inspiration!

  26. Abby E - :D Thanks for stopping by my blog! Best of luck in all your sewing adventures! :) (Anne of Green Gables and North and South are two of my favorite dramas too!)



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