Saturday, April 14, 2012

1912 Dinner Gown | Progress

Almost done!!!! All that is left is the hem. It gave me quite a headache though, since I last posted. I got all the silk cut out, and began sewing happily, and then tried on the bodice. And something was wrong. It was huge, fell off the shoulders completely, the back draped into a V shape, rather than a nice scoop, and it was just terrible. I have no idea what went wrong. So I cut new pieces out of muslin and did a 3rd mock-up, which I ended up using for an interlining. Since I have the corset, I wasn't originally planning to bone the bodice, but after trying it on, I decided that it really did need a few bones. So I put two in the front (as seen below), one on either side of the side seam, and two on the back by the darts.

The muslin interlining

While I was stressing over the problematic bodice, I turned my attention to the easy lace jacket/overlay. It only gave me one problem, which was putting the sleeves in twice because the first time they were too long. Above is the front, below is the back. It just slips over the head, so there is no opening. I really wanted to do a curved seam in the back, like Lady Sybil's dress, but decided I'd spare myself the extra work. :)

Here is the side seam of the skirt. The pins are markings for the hooks and eyes.

That was today's job. 17 hooks and eyes. Blah. I don't enjoy sewing hooks and eyes, especially when I accidentally put 7 of them on backwards.

Let's hope the hem goes well, and then the petticoat gets whipped up really fast! Perhaps (if I have time) I'll get some pictures up of the accessories - jewelry, gloves, and shoes, sometime next week. 

P.S. The pictures make my fabric look gray. It is more blue in real life.


  1. Looking fabulous, Tara!! :D I cannot wait to see it on you. Kudos for patience, by the way. Ripping out 7 hooks doesn't sound like great fun. I'm hardly doing any sewing at all (just piecing together a couple resale shop dresses), but even with the little bit I'm doing, I accidentally sewed down a piece of delicate fabric in the wrong place, and spent a good deal of frustrating time trying to rip it out without creating a giant hole. Heh. Laura fail. 0=]

  2. Very nice! I'm sorry to hear that your mock up was to big. I just had a similar experience when making our Civil War costumes this week. It can be rather frustrating I know. But in the end you will be grateful you redid it:) I love the color even though it looks grey!

    Happy sewing my dear:)

  3. This dress is going to be beautiful! I would love to see the finished product.

  4. Laura - Ripping out is very frustrating, but I'm glad that mine was a very minor mistake, and only took me an extra 45 minutes of time, or so. Your dress turned out gorgeous!!!! Really really loved it! And the color you chose was so pretty!

    Esther - Agreed! I know I would have really disliked it if I hadn't redone the whole thing! Hope your Civil War costumes turned out??

    Gracie - Thanks! The photos are now up of the finished product!



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