Saturday, March 31, 2012

1912 Dinner Gown | Take Two

After stressing, thinking, planning, and stalling, I finally started the second mock-up of my 1912 gown. 

Things that needed changing from the first mock-up:

1. The skirt was horribly uneven. I mean, it was BAD!

2. It was too tight. I don't understand it, but when I measure my dress form, she meets my measurements, but when I try to do things on her, she seems to shrink. 

3. The darts. This is mostly what I was stressing about. I was okay with how the darts were on the 1st mock-up, but kept wondering how side darts would look, since they'd be covered up by the overlay anyway, and it would look more similar to Sybil's dress. I went back and forth for so long, trying to decide if it was really worth it to have to re-do the whole bodice just for 2 little darts. In the end, I decided to try it because I'd kick myself later if I didn't. And I am SO thankful that I did, because I like it a ton better now!

4. I needed to try it with some drape-y fabric. The fabric I used for the first one served it's purpose of holding shape really nicely, but I needed to see how it looks with something that isn't stiff. I have no idea what this fabric is made of, since it was just in our stash, but the drape was similar to the silk I'll be using for the real thing, so it worked perfectly. Plus I liked the color... and it's more fun to work on something that is bright and cheery. 

Here are the photos of the 2nd mock-up. It will have a lace shawl/overlay on the top, and a beaded waistband. And again... I didn't iron the skirt, so it's wrinkly. Sorry.

So now I just have to rip it all apart, and get started on the real thing! Whoopy! I got my Edwardian shoes, my jewelry (it's not exactly Edwardian/Titanic, but it's really pretty, and I don't get a chance to wear it very often, because it is so formal), my gloves ( !!! ), so I just need my dress, and a hairstyle. 

Oh, and here's a photo of my little boy for your enjoyment. It's a little blurry, but he wasn't too thrilled about getting put in an outfit and didn't want to stay still. He looks quite dashing, don't you think?


  1. Oh your dog is soooo cute! And the dress is beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  2. That project looks very fun!
    Just a question, when you wrote the phrase "and it would look more similar to Sybil's dress", were you meaning Sybil from the Downton Abbey series? Just curious :) :)

  3. Ok... Awesome bow tie.... :D

    Pee-wee red? ;-)

  4. BlackStallion97 - Thanks so much!

    Eva - Yes, I did mean Sybil from Downton Abbey (should have clarified that! :) I'm basing it on Sybil's blue dinner gown she wears when the Crawley's first come to Downton Abbey. You can see pictures of the dress on my Pinterest Boards:

    Emil - I admit it... I LOVE bow-ties. :D

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see your finished project! That dress is very elegant :) :)

  6. Your dress is looking great!! I know it will be ah-mazing when you are finished with it. :)

    Awww!! He looks adorable!! Love the bow-tie. :)

  7. it's so pretty and now I can't wait to see you model it. That's the best part because you make everything look that much more exquisite.

  8. Your dress looks like its coming along very well! But I think you dog stole the show in this post, he sure is cute all dressed up like that:)


  9. Eva - Thank you! I hope it turns out as well as I think it will! :)

    RJ - Thanks so much, m'dear!

    Sheean - Aw, that's so sweet of you! Thanks!

    Esther - Yep, he's pretty good at stealing the show - he's just so cute and that makes him a magnet! :) <3

  10. Beautiful dress, Tara! So, what color will the actual, final dress be?

  11. Rachel - The final dress will be a deep, dusty blue, with black trimming. It's coming along well, and I'm quite pleased with how it looks right now!! :)



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