Monday, December 26, 2011

Sense & Sensibility Year-end Sale!

Sense & Sensibility Patterns is having a end of the year sale, so if you've had your eye on something from there, you'd better get over there now and check it out! It is 15% off everything, and it ends on December 31st!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Beginnings of a 1912 corset....

I started this a while ago, but stopped due to some other pressing business. I'm planning on making a complete 1912 ensemble, so this is the first step, so far. And it isn't very far yet. :)

*NOTE: These are photos by me... NOT my sister. My apologies. *cough*

The pattern I got online from Bridges on the Body, which I found through a google search. :) *confession* I had never really sized-up a pattern before *end confession*

Here are the pieces after I measured and dotted and drew and corrected and added a couple sizes and re-drew.

An old curtain? Perfect for a mock-up!

Here they are, all sewn together and fitted....sort of. I had to take in a few of the seams, but it was very easy and not too head-achey. 

It fits me better than the dress-form. And I do NOT stab myself with pins when I'm doing least, not often. *insert Dick Van Dyke cough*

The pins are markings for the casings. I was too lazy to draw it out with a pen....why work that hard for a mock-up, right? They are just going to get ripped back out later!

And there are all the casing...and all the extra thread ends that I need to cut off. :) 

The mock-up isn't quite done - I still have to put in the lacing and try it on one last time, (hopefully....) and then I'll be ready to roll with the real thing. What do you think... should I make it pretty and get printed material, or go cheap and do boring white? I can't decide!

But this project is going on hold.... have a more pressing project, which I need to start. Soon. See the big roll of fabric in the background of the above photo? *big grin*

And now I'm off. Just a quick blog post, to show that I'm still sewing, still blogging, still alive, and still happy! :) It's been a great day - big project for some friends finished, yard work, singing, peppermint chocolate truffles to make, and maybe finishing watching Bleak House tonight. 

See ya'll later!

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