Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small Squire

This little boy just has waaaay too much cuteness. He originally wasn't going to get an outfit for the Reformation Faire, but I was just dying to make a little boy medieval outfit, AND I had leftover fabric from my dad's costume, so how could I help sewing one for him?

I roughly based it on McCall pattern #5214, but he was too small for the smallest size, so I had to take it in quite a bit. The hat I made up, which is pretty easy, since it's just circles. :) And the boots... that was quite a challenge, but it worked in the end, even if they weren't "perfect". :) 

The plume is killing me. 

He looks so royal and dignified in this photo.

Two little cuties - making their outfits was just so much fun. I confess I squealed with delight several times while making them. 

Autumn is wonderful. Kids are cute. Life is good. God is Great.


  1. You are right, "kids are cute, life is good, God is great." so are you :-)
    Mrs. B

  2. Aww, little kids are just soo cute! I love the last picture :D

  3. Hi Tara!

    Great costuems and adorable kids to sew for!
    Did you make your outfit, and if so...what pattern did you use or did you create it yourself?
    Love, Love, Love all your posts. You are an amazing seamstress! Great job recreating the Sophie Hutton dress.


  4. Oh oh oh is he adorable, especially in that outfit! And that plume is just perfect. :)

    It was so nice to meet you at the Reformation Faire.


  5. Mrs. B, Jenna and Hannah - Thanks so much!!

    Allison #1 - Yes, I did make my outfit and I used Simplicity #3623, and added extra lacing on the side, just because I wanted it a little different than the pattern. Thank you for the lovely comment!

    Allison #2 - It was great to meet you too!! So glad you came up and introduced yourself! Hope to see you soon at another event or something... maybe Liberty Day??

  6. Aww, you did a great job! Those two cuties are SO adorable! ;)

  7. So, so cute! You sew so well! The outfits are perfect. :)




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