Monday, April 4, 2011

What could be in the making now??

The "Special Occasion Fabric" section of Joann......

10 yards of white tulle.......

And beading......

Stay tuned to find out!!


  1. OOOOOOOHHH! I can't wait to see more!

  2. *sigh* That is gorgeous fabric! Do not keep me in suspense!

  3. You, my love, are amazing! Glad I get to see the work in progress and can't wait to see the end product which, no doubt, will be stunningly gorgeous.

  4. Miss RJ and Esther - Will do my best to keep ya'll updated! I spent the afternoon sewing, so expect a post soon!

    Rosi - Hello! Thanks for following my blog! *grins* yes, I am pretty happy with the fabric!

    Mom - I hope it is! :)

    Hannah - Glad I sparked your curiosity!

  5. Oh, you don't have to thank me, I love seeing what you make! Do you make up the patterns or buy them?

  6. oh oh oh oh pick me!! I KNOW!!

    Can't wait to see. =)

  7. Rosi - I usually buy patterns and revise them to my liking, though I have made up a few in the past. :)

    Laura - Hee hee... you're in on the secret! Hope it looks something like the picture in the end! :D



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