Monday, March 28, 2011

Kristen's Dress

Okay, this has to be one of my absolute favorite dresses I've ever made! Kristen picked out all the materials ahead of time and gave them to me to create her dress. I used this pattern and I knew it would take some changing to fit Kristen because she has very narrow shoulders. So I first made a mock bodice and fitted it to her. Other than that I pretty much just followed the pattern, though I did pleat the skirt rather than gather it in the back. I did an invisible zipper in the back so one can hardly see it. I wish I had a picture of her wearing it, because it looks twice as gorgeous on her! Enjoy the photos!

We just got updated photos of Kristen, so I am re-posting this with them below. Enjoy!
From the front - isn't the fabric great??
Here is Kristen playing her harp. Too bad the music stand is in the way!

Back view!
The sleeve-flares are pleated up to meet the seam, so that the lace can peak out from underneath.

Kristen looking oh, so lovely!
Thanks to Kathryn Grace Photography for the last three photos. © Kathryn Grace Photography.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura's Colonial Dress

This post is rather overdue.... my apologies! The dress has been finished for about two weeks, but it took a while to get around to uploading the pictures. Are you ready???

(no that's not Laura - she's much prettier and has a head and arms AND her skin is not blue)

There we go - that's more like it! :) 

Mmmm... pleats!

So pretty!
Laura, m'dear, you are simply gorgeous!!

Thanks to Kathryn Grace Photography for the photos! All photos in this post are the copyright of  © Kathryn Grace Photography

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Only hemming left....

Almost done with Laura's colonial dress.... I just have to hem the overdress and it will be finished!


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