Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Regency Sewing Weekend

As I promised, here are some pictures of the projects we made over our Regency Sewing weekend back in January. Some friends of ours (and amazing seamstresses) invited us to come down to visit them and make regency dresses. We had to do it in two parts, so they first came up to our house for New Years and we made the proper undergarments  - which would be rather improper for me to post pictures - and then a couple weeks later we made the dresses. It was such a fun way to spend the weekend, sewing and talking and fitting, and watching Persuasion, and having a tea party...bliss.

We used Jennie Chancey's Elegant Lady's Closet pattern, though made several alterations to make it fit right.

I would have posted these sooner, but we only just got the official photos, since we had to finish them at home (just the last few touches, like hemming, and button holes, etc). Enjoy!

P.S. The photos of my sis were taken by me, in that I pushed the button.... she did all the settings and editing. :)

This is my sweet sister - she made a gathered bodice with a squared neck, small waistband and 1/2-length sleeves.

It closes with buttons and button holes, as you can see, and the skirt is pleated in the back

An up-close view of the back

Aren't her buttons cute??

A fun angle of the buttons and pleats! So pretty!

And the sleeve detail!

Isn't it beautiful? And I think the green really suits her, don't you?

And now for my dress....

Mine is a bib-front dress, which opens in the front (the front flips down) and has ties in the back - almost like an apron which is attached to the skirt. The front closes with two buttons in the corners, there is a small waist band and the skirt is pleated.

The back view

My thrift-store find of an antique version of Tennyson's Poems comes in handy for photos! :)

One of the buttons which holds the front piece up - yes, I did make those dorset buttons and they are a very fun project!

Sleeve detail....

The back ties and pleats.

This was probably my favorite photo from the photo shoot! 

Many many many thanks go to Lily and Mrs. R for their expertise at sewing and for helping us with these dresses - they wouldn't have turned out half as great if they hadn't helped us!


  1. Oh you girls look simply beautiful! The detail on your regency dresses is amazing. I love, love, love your buttons Tara! They look so feminine!

    You gave me a laugh about the undergarments! If/when we are over at your house again I want to see how you made them!

    Glad you girls had fun! :) And great job on the dresses!

  2. Oh, and I just read your bio for the first time and you gave me a laugh (again) you are so funny! :)

  3. Oooh! They are so cute! Now you just have to start sewing something and decide that you "need" our help. ;) ('Cause everyone knows I was such a big help! ;))

  4. Robyn,

    Glad you liked them... I do too! *winks* Tee hee, sure I guess I could show you the undergarments in the privacy of my home!


    I quite agree... what shall we sew next - shall it be polonaise dresses, or 1940's? But I am SURE there is no way we could possibly do without your help, so we'll have to set a date for the next sewing week..... or fortnight.... or month! :)

  5. I love both of our dresses! Taking the pictures was fun too, and of course sewing them with Lily was so enjoyable! You look so authentic in yours, my dear. It helps that you took the time to do your hair up. :-)

  6. Lovely fabric ladies . . . beautiful work. And yes, Kathryn's buttons are cute. :)

  7. They both look VERY nice! You two did such a good job with keeping things even and looking good. Weren't the buttons fun to make, Tara?

    Yes, another sewing weekend (or two) is in order. Mid-May, perhaps?

    Mrs. R

  8. Kathryn - :) Yes, I guess doing hair does help a bit - though yours didn't look bad! *winks*

    M. Mari - Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked them!

    Mrs. R - Oh yes, I am quite hooked on Dorset buttons! They went a lot faster than I first thought, and the end product is so cute!
    Mid-May sounds good to me - maybe when everyone is away at Presbytery so we can still have fun together without driving to the other end of the U.S! :)

  9. *loves dresses and photographs and updos and old books and friends' blogs and pretty fabrics and K&T*

  10. Did you alter the pattern yourself to make the bib front? I love all your creations!
    Thank you!

    1. My friend, Lily from Mode-de-Lis, helped me alter the pattern for the bib front. I can look up the exact dimensions for the bib front piece, if you'd like!



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