Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beginnings of a Colonial Dress

My friend, Laura, asked me to make her a colonial dress, and I was more than happy to make one! We decided on Simplicity Pattern #4092, with a few adjustments, and spent a few hours roaming the fabric store until we found the perfect fabric. The next step was to have a girls' day/fitting where we pinned and cut, and sewed and pinned some more, and re-cut and re-sewed until it fit right.

The Mock-up
Today I began the real thing, with washing, ironing and cutting the material.

I wanted to share a few pictures of how it looks now (doesn't look like anything but oddly shaped pieces of GORGEOUS fabric) so I laid it out as a bodice, to hopefully give you an idea. And yes, I did intentionally turn all the photos to black and white so that you won't see the colors until it is finished and Laura is wearing it.

Up-close detail of the fabric.... isn't it beautiful??

The back pieces

And the front pieces
Material for the skirt(s)
Hopefully I'll be updating soon about the progress of this dress! Come back soon! 


  1. I'm just drooling over that fabric!! It's going to be such a gorgeous dress!



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