Friday, December 10, 2010

"Sophie Hutton"

"Compliments of Dr. Harrison"

As you might already know, I love the movie "Cranford". It is so cute and the costumes are great and it makes you want to spend a week there! Anyway, when I saw the dress that Sophie Hutton wears during the scene in the woods I knew I had to make it! But I couldn't find a pattern that was close enough to it! So, after trial and error and lots of hair pulling, I created my own pattern for it! It could still use a lot of improvement, especially in the back, but it still is one of my very favorite creations I have ever made! Enjoy the pictures!

Front view of the dress

Back view

Sleeve detail - this was a pain to do, but I love the way it came out!

Neckline detail. 
The scarf around the neck I made out of a very thin curtain. It is a square folded in half.

Waistline detail. The belt is made of velvet-y ribbon.


  1. That's one gorgeous dress! I'd never have the patience to do all that gathering on the sleeve. :-)

  2. Love this blog. I hope you post often!

  3. That's lovely! Especially the smocking on the sleeve. I love the character of Sophie Hutton - she's so great :)



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