Monday, February 29, 2016

What the beauty is...

"I'm just a someone in an old museum. Far away from home as someone can go. And the beauty is I still meet people I know."
The Beauty Is - The Light in the Piazza

This post is extremely overdue. But Italy has such a big part of my heart that I still remember tons of details of our trip there this past October. My sister has more photos on her blog, so if you want more gorgeous scenery, hop over there. Here you'll just find some of my favorite places and memories and stories. And lots of "here's a picture of me on some ruins to prove I WAS REALLY THERE!"
The Colosseum was both awe inspiring, and slightly sickening to think of what really went on there. 

The view of Palatine Hill from the Roman Forum.

This is happiness on a plate. 

This is my "Oh my goodness, I'm in Italy and squealing!" face

This was one of my favorite places - Roman Holiday, anyone?

The Vatican!
Exploring Palatine Hill

Inside the Colosseum
The fountain outside the Spanish Steps, which, unfortunately, were closed for construction. Guess that's just an excuse to go back, right?

The Mouth Of Truth

I love my family! 
One of the many piazzas in Rome at night!

Ok, people. Let's talk about Venice. Venice is the most charming place on earth. Seriously, there is cute everywhere. The doors are cute, the windows are cute, the canals are cute, the streets are cute, the flowers in flower boxes are cute, the laundry hanging out of the second story window is cute, the boats are cute. You get the picture. It's hopelessly romantic. I fell in love with Venice after 20 minutes max. I think it's where I belong. 

Seriously, could this picture get any more perfect?! My sister is a genius. 

When you walk for miles and get lost, sometimes you need a break by an old well to kick off your shoes and study the map. I was kind of in charge of the map in Venice and I can proudly say that we only got lost about 40 times. 

The cafes were charming.

Kathryn and I got up early to do a photo shoot one morning. Because... Venice. Yeah. 

When two Italian guys row underneath you and say "Bellisima!" you know that the movies aren't entirely inaccurate. 

Piazza San Marco!!

I was very loath to leave Venice... it was so beautiful, and we could have explored streets endlessly, but Tuscany called, so we went. 

And it was wonderful! Rome was bustling, sight seeing, loud, and exciting. Venice was charming, a wanderers paradise, and heart thrilling. Tuscany was majestic, sweeping, and relaxing. All so different and so perfect. 

The grapes had already been harvested for the year. 

Medieval towns that looked like something out of a picture book.

Our hosts in our villa gave us a cooking lesson! It was amazing. Yes, we have the recipes...

They also had horses on the property - we didn't get to ride them, but visiting them was delightful!
And this patch of heaven was just down the road. Olive groves are my new favorite thing. And olive groves at sunset make for the prettiest light ever. 

In the RH corner of this picture you can see our villa. Imagine waking up to this view! It was glorious! 
Hope you enjoyed that peek into my vacation. If ever you get a chance to go to Italy, TAKE IT. 

"This is wanting something, this is reaching for it, this is wishing that a moment would arrive. This is taking chances, this is almost touching what the beauty is."

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